DataCite Metadata Generator tool

An updated version of the DataCite Metadata Generator tool which supports DataCite Metadata Kernel version 3.0 has been created by Marcin Paluch. The tool is a single HTML form which allows users to create metadata through text inputs and drop-down selections. Newly added features include support for all version 3 metadata elements, clear identification of mandatory, recommended, and optional elements, and the ability to save the resulting metadata to a file. The tool does not require any software installation or application servers, just download the form, open it in a browser, and start creating.

The tool was also a great starting point for exploring possible software collaborations between ORCID and DataCite in the ODIN project context. An ORCID widget implemented by ANDS has been integrated into the form by Sebastian Peters (DataCite Metadata Generator with ORCID integration). It enables you to search the ORCID registry for a given creator name and that creator's ORCID will be inserted directly into the resulting metadata.