DMPTool2 Project – September 2013 Report


DMPTool2 is starting to shape-up and is moving into the period where the application and user interface will come together and we’ll start to see a real, live new version!

Technical Team

Over the past month we have seen tremendous advances in development of the application and user interface design.  The application has now been developed for the core functional areas around institutional profiles and creation of a DMP.  During this period, the team has worked with an outside vendor to develop and refine the entire user interface, matching quality design aspects with new functionality in the application.   The team has also been evaluating and incorporating enhancement requests from the community via the BitBucket issue-tracking page.

Communications/Outreach Team

The team has refined the outreach strategy over the past month and begun a relatively aggressive outreach and recruitment campaign to meet project goals and also increase awareness and use of the tool.  Responses were at first a bit slow, presumably due to summer vacations and semester starts, but we have recently been getting great responses and working with institutions on setup of Shibboleth and configuration of customized guidance.  We are very encouraged by these enthusiastic new users.  Additionally, we are now just shy of 100 institutions with this level of configuration/use.    


We continue to make progress on reaching our project metrics.  Most notably this month, we have now completed 4 out of 6 conference presentations, have almost reached our goal of doubling the user base to reach 6,000 users, and have exceeded our goal of doubling plans created to exceed 5,000 plans.  Our main metric focus now is recruiting 50% of Shibboleth capable institutions and 75% of ARL institutions.

Overall Project

Our project timeline has undergone some minor revision, and we now expect to release a complete beta version in December 2013, a second beta version in January 2014, and a final production version in February 2014.