resources to argue for strong funder data archiving policies

I was recently asked for a quick list of resources to make the case that government funders should have strong data archiving policies.

Here’s my quick response.  Since I’m certainly missing things, and the list is likely to be dated quickly, please add more links in the comments!

The main arguments I’d made are in the White House OSTP response Todd and I put together two years ago, advocating that the US impose stronger data policies.  It has some references at the end.

The OSTP received 118 comments: most are carefully written, thoughtful, and worth reading.

Federal policies of particular note, and a few recent statements that came out after we wrote the above letter:

There’s strong stuff to talk about with respect to medical data in the current UK AllTrials initiative.

That’s what I’ve got off the top of my head.  Hope it helps!