Videos: Inside the Metadata Store

Inspired by conversations with potential DataCite clients, the British Library’s Datasets Team has produced two videos intended to demystify the inner workings of the Metadata Store.

Over the past nine months, the British Library has hosted a series of workshops designed to support data citation and management in the UK research community. Funded by JISC, these workshops have been attended by a range of stakeholders from the UK Higher Education sector; from librarians and data curators to IT staff and academics, and have covered key topics relevant to the management of research data. Over the course of the workshop series we realised that, although many institutions were very keen to adopt DataCite DOIs for their own data holdings, there was a lot of uncertainty about exactly how the process of DOI ‘minting’ worked.

So, in an attempt to demonstrate just how easy it is to use the service, we have made two videos which illustrate the basic functions of the Metadata Store: 1. Minting a DOI and uploading metadata, and 2. Updating an existing DOI. Both videos can be viewed on the British Library website at Although created with British Library DataCite clients in mind, we hope that other DataCite users, or potential users, might find it useful.

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