DataCite statistics – 11 most popular datasets in January (update)

Some of you have seeen already that DataCite is offering a statistics page for some time now:
This page provides you with detailed information on how many DOI names were registered by which DataCite member or data center, and also offering information about "Resolutions per month".

This nice feature allows everyone to see how often DataCite DOI names are actually resolved, how often people want to see what is behind a DOI name. In January, we had almost half a million resolutions which is a nice number of usage. We also had even more failed DOI resolutions, which calls for a bit of explanation:
Every not working resolution is counted as a failure, so if someone mis-types a DOI name in a handle server it is an error, if someone made a wrong hyperlink to a DOI name - by including for example a ")" at the end of the DOI name - it is an error. Most of the other failures actually come from attempts to resolve DOI names before they were registered.

But going back to the successfull resolutions we can now present you the
11 (*) most popular datasets of January 2013, registered by DataCite:

So our 11 most popular datasets in January are: 1 poster, 7 data records and 3 textual records.
This of course is fine as the scope of DataCite is to make scientific information citable that is not classical scholarly output.
It also gives a rough idea of the heterogenity of content and of disciplines that DataCite is covering.

(*) ERRATA: In an earlier version of this article, we had only the top 10 datasets, but the actual number 3 from Dryad slipped through our fingers.