Passing the Mic to Our Audience: User Personas and Strategic Planning for the Sustainability of Digital Formats Website

This is a guest post written by Hilary Szu Yin Shiue and Jacob Kowall, 2021 Junior Fellows in the Digital Content Management & Services (DCMS) Division under the mentorship of Kate Murray, Digital Projects Coordinator. Hilary and Jacob assisted in updating and expanding the Sustainability of Digital Formats website, which provides information and analysis on […]

We won’t get to a more equitable knowledge ecosystem if we don’t have more equitable ways to assess research and knowledge

The ways in which research quality and research impact are defined and measured are deeply embedded in practices and concepts derived from the Global North. Drawing on examples from the Global South, Jon Harle argues that a fundamental shift is require…

Collective Wisdom: Book Sprint to Community Review

The following is a post by Senior Innovation Specialist Meghan Ferriter about the Collective Wisdom initiative. Collective Wisdom  seeks to identify and enrich networks of practitioners of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage, document current practices, and invite others to join in thoughtful consideration of future practices. Supported by an Arts & Humanities Research Council UK US-UK […]